PrintConcept: your one-stop shop for high quality UV curing systems including low migration solutions with nitrogen inertisation

We've been perfecting our UV curing systems for all web offset and flexo applications since 1995. Our focus is on quality and ease of use.

UV lamps can be up to 3,000 mm long. This results in an even curing over wide webs. We adapt our products to your needs. Special solutions for printing, finishing and coating are no problem. 

Our systems use a patented cassette technology. The UV lamp section can be serviced and cleaned outside the system. UV lamps can be replaced safely and conveniently without electricity and without stopping the machine. 

UV lampselectronic power supplies and many other parts are manufactured in-house.
Medium pressure UV lamps are manufactured to customer specifications.

PrintConcept is an expert in nitrogen inertisation. Using an inert atmosphere with nitrogen reduces the amount of photoinitiators in the ink and migration. This is especially important for food packaging.

The latest generation of nitrogen inertisation is features a flat nitrogen chamber and precise measurement technology.
The nitrogen is distributed evenly in the inert chamber.

The modular retrofitting of an inerted system is simple and can be done at any time. This makes future investment decisions easier.

Our UV LED systems are energy-efficient and environmentally friendly. They take up little space inside the press and generate little heat.

Our new UV- / LED-hybrid system PC-HYBRID combines UV curing with medium-pressure UV lamps and UV LED diodes in one system. The outer housing of the UV unit remains installed, but the cassette insert can be changed in a few simple steps. Both a UV lamp cassette and a UV LED cassette can be operated in the same housing.


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Choose: UV lamp or UV-LED diode


The new PC-HYBRID combines UV curing with UV lamps and UV LED diodes in one system. All you have to do is swap the slide-in unit.

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Production security

UV measuring device

PC-M-1 is our new, mobile UV measuring device.

This in-house development was designed for all UV lamps of PrintConcept. It makes UV measurement simple and competitive. 

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Trade fairs and lectures

drupa 2024

28th May - 7th June 2024
Düsseldorf, Germany

Exhibitor: Dr. Hönle AG, PrintConcept, Eltosch GrafixUV-Technik  SpeziallampenGEPATechnigraf

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