Dichroic reflectors

Dichroic reflectors (cold mirrors) are made of aluminium, which is coated many times.

In order to increase the UV reflection of the surface, we vaporize our reflectors with many special layers. To do this, we blast glass and metal with electrodes in a high vacuum. The glass or metal evaporates and settles layer by layer on the reflectors. The coating process is automated and precise. This ensures the even application of all layers.

The coating reflects UV radiation and absorbs infrared radiation. The infrared (= IR) radiation is dissipated as heat by the cooling system of the system. This reduces the heat input to the substrate.

Thanks to the optimized shape of the reflectors (patent 199 45 074) we achieve a high UV yield. The electrical energy is optimally used. This reduces energy consumption and web temperature. The good production conditions extend the lifespan of the UV lamps.

We also offer reflectors made of polished aluminium. Aluminium reflects more IR radiation (= heat), which is an advantage in some applications.

The reflectors can be exchanged in handy 100 mm segments. Thanks to the slide-in technology that has been tried and tested over many years (patent 299 16 572), the reflectors can be changed easily and safely outside the printing press.