UV-LED HYBRID technology

ONE system - ONE housing - TWO inserts:

PrintConcept's new hybrid system varyCURE combines UV curing with UV medium pressure lamps and UV-LED lamps in one system.

varyCURE is based on PrintConcept's well-proven and patented cassette technology. The housing remains installed in the printing press. The cassette insert can be exchanged in a few simple steps. Both a slide-in unit with UV lamp and a slide-in unit with UV-LED can be operated in the same housing.

The connections do not have to be changed. The intelligent electronic ballast EPSA varyPOWER recognizes the module used and automatically switches from alternating current (UV) to direct current (UV-LED). The controller automatically adjusts the settings.

Our customers have the option to switch between UV curing and UV-LED curing at any time. There is no need to choose between proven medium-pressure UV or the new LED technology. From now on, both is possible.

The new UV / UV-LED hybrid system is available with air or water cooling.

Article "Innovations-Offensive 2020" (in German language) from print magazine Etiketten-Labels.

UVAPRINT varyCURE – conventional UV or UV-LED technology

Hybrid-System varyCURE