System partner IOT from Leipzig, Germany

Our partner IOT researches and produces materials and methods for modifying surfaces. IOT was founded in 1998 on the grounds of the Leipzig Science Park. It is a spin-off company from the Leibniz-Institute IOM.

Physical matting by excimer radiation with photons with 172 nm:

The Excirad 172 lamps are used in an inert atmosphere under nitrogen and create super matt surfaces on UV varnishes - without the addition of matting agents.

Integration into existing UV systems is possible.

Applications: packaging, laminate, floors, exterior facades, car parts, decorative papers, foils

DirectCure - UV curing almost without photo initiators:

DirectCure UV lamps can cure almost without photo initiators.
Irradiation with photons in the UVC range < 210 nm creates free radicals in the UV varnish.
The acrylates of the UV varnish itself form the free radicals for the polymerization.
The free radicals trigger the polymerization and crosslinking directly.
Final curing with DirectCure crosslinks the last possible remnants of photo initiators or fission products.
DirectCure reduces migration and is the economic and simple alternative to electron beam curing.