Haptic communication

Parallel to the trend of digitization a market for haptic products is growing. Customers look for “real” communication. In the "print and paper" market, design based on haptic criteria and the development of materials that touch brain and emotions are becoming more important.

Structural foils with a relief-like matt or gloss look can of reproduce natural wood or stone. The foils copy wood in colour, surface feel and hardness. Laminating around the corner is no problem.

Raised layers of varnish can be felt. This opens new creative spaces. Your products will trigger a sensation when they are touched. 

Examples of use: 

  • Foils (PP/PET/PE/PVC)
  • Paper
  • Aluminium
  • Textiles
  • PVC flooring
  • Cigarette packaging

Reproduction of wood texture

4 UV lamps for foil coating under nitrogen