More Security: Calibration and maintenance

Regular service is important. Maintenance by our technician insures production. Increases productivity. Reduces downtimes.

A check could include:

  • In advance we check and determine the required parts, together with our customer
  • On-site inspection of components and aggregates
  • Exchange of defect or worn parts
  • Analysis of fault messages and operating hours
  • Cleaning
  • Change of water in the cooling circuit
  • Retraining of your employees
  • Calibration of the UV measuring sensors
  • Calibration of the measurement of residual oxygen of inert systems

Service and maintenance contract

Regular prophylactic service maintains full curing performance, avoids production interruptions and even machine damage.
We would be happy to instruct your employees again while printing. You will get practical tips on operation and maintenance.
And we teach you to cure efficiently and in an energy-saving manner.

Do you want a friendly, punctual technician? A flexible appointment with individual consulting in advance? We are happy to offer a maintenance contract with favourable conditions. Without hidden costs. You can reach our service team at