Inert UV systems with nitrogen atmosphere

PrintConcept has achieved a leading position in the area of nitrogen inertisation.
More than 400 of our UV lamps with inert chambers are in use worldwide.
They are used in the areas of food, pharmacy, packaging & liquid packaging.

Advantages of UV curing under inert gas:

  • Higher network density of the polymers
  • Better hardness, abrasion resistance and chemical resistance
  • More shine
  • Much better hardening even with spot colours or opaque white

50 percent reduction in photo initiators:

  • Reduction of ink costs
  • Reduction of global migration, important e.g. B. for food packaging
  • Reduction of smell and yellowing
  • Almost photo initiator-free curing in connection with DirectCure possible

Increasing production effectiveness:

  • Increase in production speed
  • Less heating of the substrate because less power is needed
  • Energy savings up to 50 percent
  • Less ozone because there is hardly any oxygen in the inert chamber where the curing takes place