Water-cooled UV lamp heads PC-2-W-ECO

Air and water-cooled UV system for UV lamps with a lamp length of up to 3,000 mm

  • The patented water-cooling system consists of parallel cooling water flows in the aluminium profiles of the housing, the reflectors and the backplate under the web. This ensures:
    • optimal lamp cooling
    • low substrate temperatures
    • long life of UV lamps
  • The tried-and-tested slide-in technology guarantees quick and easy access for cleaning reflectors and UV lamps. UV lamps can be changed easily and safely outside the press within a few minutes.
  • A replacement UV cassette guarantees production security. You can change the cassette cartridge in a few minutes.
  • The patented geometry of the elliptically shaped reflector guarantees a high output of UV radiation.
  • Dichroic reflectors are standard in all UV lamps.
  • The reflector mirrors are made in segments of 100 mm. You can replace one by one yourself.
  • In a fraction of a second, the integrated shutter system shields the UV lamp as a heat barrier to the web when the machine stops.
  • We have built 1,000 lamp heads of this type since 1995.
  • The air and water-cooled PC-2-W-ECO UV system has a total output of up to 40 kW at a maximum of 225 W/cm.
  • The lamp head is designed for wide web applications. We can build lamps up to 3,000 mm long. Large web widths are not a problem. Other manufacturers with shorter lamps must overlap.