Ink mist hoods for web printing machines

Aspiration of ink or varnish mist makes your products better and is essential for health protection. The aspiration system removes ink particles from the air at the printing unit. The multi-stage filter vacuums even the smallest drops and particles.

Pollution by ink mist is noticeably reduced throughout the printing room. Maculature and contamination of the press are significantly reduced. 

This ensures a safe atmosphere, improves the print and protects your colleagues. 

The integration is done individually according to the existing space conditions.

Our design engineer takes the measurements on site and clarifies the integration.

PrintConcept can carry out the integration without any effort for the printing press manufacturer alone. Retrofitting is easy and pays off quickly.

The perfect quality of the packaging is a vital condition, especially for food and liquid packaging and other flexible packaging. 

Characteristics of the ink mist hoods

  • Custom-made cover plates guarantee a perfect fit and optimal function
  • Maximum effectiveness through a proven, multi-stage cleaning system
  • Easy to use due to good accessibility
  • Positioning directly on the printing unit: exactly where ink mist is created and most effectively removed
  • Ink tray remains accessible
  • Stable design for high production speeds
  • Suitable for water, UV and solvent inks or hybrid applications
  • Independent, quick change of cheap filter inserts
  • Hoods in machine colour or individually chosen colour according to customer requirements
  • Noticeable reduction of ink mist in the print room for a better, healthier climate