UV-LED systems

UV-LED systems are established along with UV arc lamps for many applications.

PrintConcept offers fully equipped and completely ready-to-connect LED systems. The LED modules are very compact and can be integrated into most printing machines.

UV-LED - future-oriented technology with many advantages

  • Low energy consumption
  • High dose rate up to 25 W/cm²
  • LED lifespan > 10,000 hours
  • No lead time, ON/OFF in seconds
  • No direct infrared radiation on substrate and machine, therefore no register problems
  • No toxic mercury or ozone → more safety
  • No exhaust air cooling for water-cooled systems → less noise and waste heat
  • Irradiation length 76 - 3,000 mm
  • Wavelengths 365/385/395/405 nm available
  • Air or water-cooled 
  • Water-cooled systems suitable for clean rooms

Price advantages

  • Less downtime, lower maintenance and cleaning costs
  • No replacement lamps
  • Energy savings up to 50 percent

More safety

  • No mercury
  • No ozone
  • No disposal of mercury lamps as special waste

Production advantages

  • Suitable for curing ink and varnish as intermediate and end of press
  • Smaller units create space in the pressroom
  • Elimination of the exhaust air system in water-cooled LED systems
  • Suitable for temperature sensitive materials due to low heat input

UV-LED air-cooled

UV-LED water-cooled

example of installation