Special features of our inertisation technology

Quartz glass plate
The glass plate is made of special quartz. It seals the inert chamber towards the web.
The quartz allows about 95 percent of the UV radiation to pass. We produce all quartz plates in our own factory.
A quartz plate prevents contamination of UV lamps and reflectors. And it is easier to clean than lamps and reflectors.

Quartz plate in a practical removable frame
The quartz plate lies in a metal frame using our well-proven "cassette technology". 
You can pull out the frame and change the quartz plate in two minutes.
Clean the "old" quartz plate outside the press - without machine downtime.

Oxygen measurement designed as plug-and-play module
The oxygen measurement regulates the nitrogen atmosphere in the inertisation chamber. It is the central control unit of the inertisation. Our customers can quickly and easily substitute the unit for a replacement module. The module can be repaired in our factory without downtime of the press.

Low nitrogen consumption
The inert chamber is designed tight to the web. 
The gap between the web and the inert chamber is as narrow as possible.
The nitrogen is evenly distributed in the chamber via a porous strip of sintered bronze. 
The labyrinth at the inlet and outlet of the chamber is contactless and does not scratch the web, but effectively prevents nitrogen from escaping.

We automatically adapt the nitrogen consumption to your requirements and the printing situation:

  • You can set the residual oxygen values on the colour display. 
  • In the event of an emergency stop, the nitrogen supply is immediately interrupted.
  • The nitrogen is automatically reduced in standby. You can set the amount of nitrogen in standby yourself.

These properties make PrintConcept's nitrogen chambers the most economical on the market.

Retrofit upgrade of nitrogen inertisation
UV modules from PrintConcept can be retrofitted with Inert Upgrade at any time and without great effort. A excellent feature that makes it a lot easier for you to choose inertisation in the future.